About Us: Community Impact

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How we help.

Arizona’s Children Association is the best resource for helping children and families in the state. With more than a dozen programs and services across every county in the state, Arizona's Children Association’s programs can mean the difference between a hope-filled future and a life of despair for many Arizona children and families. Our professionally trained, caring and dedicated staff provides a broad spectrum of services that help create and sustain a healthy family environment. The following 2013/2014 accomplishments show the community impact of our programs:

Adoption and Foster Care

  • Provided loving homes for more than 2,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system.
  • More than 800 licensed foster families were trained and supported.
  • Assisted in the adoptions of 389 children.

Behavioral Health & Trauma/Crisis Response

  • Delivered individual, family and group counseling, behavior coaching, respite, and support services for more than 11,300 children, youth, adults, and their family members.
  • Served 2,877 survivors of sexual assault or abuse through our Las Familias & Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault programs.

Family Preservation & Reunification

  • Delivered In Home Family Support, Preservation and Reunification, and Parent Aide services to more than 2,000 children and their family members.

Kinship Services

  • Provided information, resources, referral and support to more than 2,400 caregivers who are caring for children of relatives.
  • 766 children were kept out of general foster care and group homes and in the care of a relative as a result of our kinship services

Parenting Education 

  • 601 families with 849 children participated in home visitation programs.
  • Trained 13,128 parents and family members in infant brain development.
  • Program staff made 8,209 home visits through our Parents as Teachers program.

Transitional Youth Services 

  • Empowered youth by providing life skills training to 1,214 young adults.