Transitional Living Services

Our support services and mentor programs are designed to aid foster care youth in their transition into independence and assist them in gaining the skills for self-sufficiency.

Independent Living Services

Arizona’s Children Association’s Independent Living Program (ILP) provides young adults, ages 16-21, who are in or have been involved in foster care with opportunities to develop mastery in major life areas. This is done by teaching youth essential life skills, assisting the youth in learning self-advocacy, identifying mentors and natural supports, and working with the youth on concrete measurable goals.

The Independent Living Program is designed to aid youth in their transition into independence and assists them in gaining tools for self-sufficiency. ILP specializes in the various needs and opportunities for youth in foster care. Services are provided in individual and/or group settings and are geared toward the youth’s unique needs. Services include educational support, employment skills, financial literacy, food preparation, health & wellness, housing support, transportation support, leadership skills, participation in a Youth Advisory Board, mentorship, clinical support, etc. Often youth are assisted in meeting and understanding the eligibility requirements for the Independent Living Subsidy Program (ILSP) as well as completing the application for the Educational Training Voucher (ETV).

Once a youth/young adult is referred for ILP services they are matched with an Independent Living Skills Specialist and take part in an assessment process that incorporates a traditional psychosocial assessment as well as the Casey Life Skills Assessment.

The youth/young adult then participates in the creation of their Individual Service Plan that addresses goals in five primary areas:

  1. Overcoming barriers to self-sufficiency
  2. Achieving mastery in living skills
  3. Educational/vocational achievement
  4. Establishing independent housing
  5. Identification of natural support systems

Arizona’s Children Association believes in experiential learning and provides skills training through evidence based best practice curriculum as well as relevant experiential activities. Click on the “Search by County” page to contact the office nearest you for more information.

THRIVE Mentor Program

Mentors for Young Adults Aging Out of Foster Care

Thrive is a statewide one-on-one mentoring program that enhances support for young adults involved in Independent Living Services.

Thrive seeks to acquire community members and foster care alumni to be mentors for young adults by creating collaborative relationships that will help foster care youth thrive and achieve the same success as their peers who are not involved in foster care including: reduced rates of homelessness and teen pregnancy, increased rates of graduation, job stability, social skills, and healthy adult connections. Thrive mentors will receive the training, support and resources necessary to promote a successful mentor relationship. 

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