Las Familias

Las Familias, a program of Arizona’s Children Association, is the only program in Pima County that specializes exclusively in the treatment of individuals and their families who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. Since 1983, Las Familias has provided a safe place for survivors to gain strength, learn coping skills and develop trusting, caring relationships.

Central to the philosophy of Las Familias is the recognition that sexual abuse treatment is an issue not just for the survivor, but for the entire family. This practice promotes healing, strength, and trust, the essential elements of a new beginning. We assist individuals and families in heightening social-emotional well-being and guiding those that have been impacted by trauma and abuse through the healing process.

Services offered include:

The Children’s Program
Utilizes a combination of individual, family, group therapies and psychoeducation to establish healthy boundaries and learn critical coping skills.

The Adults Molested as Children Program
Addresses the long-term consequences of abuse and how it negatively impacts every aspect of the victims’ life. From their ability to hold a job, to raising their children, to social and intimate adult relationships, adult treatment discovers positive and healthy ways to trust and care about themselves and others.

The Non-Offending Parent Program
Utilizes individual and group therapy to assist parents and caregivers who were unable to protect children from sexual abuse and trauma in understanding what is childhood sexual abuse, the dynamics of sexual abuse and molestation, the behaviors of children and youth who have been sexually abused and safety planning.

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