A Message From Our CEO

June 4, 2020

Dear AzCA Family,

As we are faced with these tough times in our nation’s history—continuing to battle a pandemic that has resulted in the death of countless individuals and economic destruction, we are now confronted with the long-term effects of racial injustice.

We acknowledge the pain, fear and many other emotions that many of us are feeling during these difficult times. The senseless deaths, racism, hatred and discrimination that we have witnessed this past week are all part of the systemic racism and challenges that people of color who are our valued co-workers, friends and families, clients and their families encounter every day.

Our country does its best when we honor and empower one another and our lived experiences – celebrating our diversity and talents that make us who we are. Arizona’s Children Association stands firm in our opposition to racism, hatred and discrimination.

We remain at the forefront of supporting Arizona’s most vulnerable children and families in the communities we are a part of throughout the state. We do not do this alone, as our AzCA family—staff, vendors, partners and supporters—are actively engaged in advancing our mission to “protect children, empower youth and strengthen families.”

As for those who rely on us the most—our employees and the children, youth and families we serve—we remain focused on their safety, just as we continue to do in response to the pandemic. The diversity of our employees, our families and loved ones, and the children and families we serve is one of the strongest assets we have in supporting the communities we are so fortunate to be able to serve.

Like so many, we recognize that fact that we will – and can – do whatever it takes to do better. In the name of those who have lost their lives, we embrace the fight for equality and justice as a common cause, one we all fight – and work to resolve – together.

We support and honor each of you. Please be safe and well.

Jacob Schmitt, President & CEO

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