Alex and Sean

Alex and Sean are sweet, loving and playful brothers who are hoping to find a family of their own!

Alex enjoys being active- riding his bike, learning to skateboard, playing football and basketball. He loves playing video games! He is very helpful and enjoys engaging in community events. Alex likes action movies, hip-hop and rap music. Alex also enjoys playing with RC cars and Hotwheels cars. Alex hopes to have a career working on computers and electronics someday. He has a great sense of humor.

Sean is all about sports, especially football and basketball. Sean has many interest- Legos, video games, riding bikes, swimming, doing magic tricks, Pokémon cards, Laser Tag, Nerf Guns, Roblox, and has a fascination with The Titanic. He enjoys going to the gym and weight lifting. He dreams of someday being an officer in the US Marines, FBI, CIA or Swat-Team.

Both brothers would do best in an experienced nurturing and structured two-parent family. Alex and Sean hope for a family who is a combination of enthusiastic, active and laid back. Both brothers want to live together and are very open about families. Sean wants a family who “always looks on the bright side.” Sean would like a family who likes sports, is Christian, and plays with him. Sean shared that he wants a family like his current foster family because they “respect” each other. Alex wants their new family to know, “I can be sarcastic but funny at the same time” and Sean wants them to know, “I love sports.”

Alex was born in 2005.
Sean was born in 2007.

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