Dr. Allison Crain

Allison Crain, MD is a Family Medicine Physician who works at Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. She is the Associate Program Director for the Family Medicine Residency Program, as well as faculty at University of Arizona and Creighton University Medical Schools. She spends her time teaching medical students and residents, and her medical interests are LGBTQ care, Headache, Maternal Child Health and Lactation.

She has no experience with ballroom dance, but has had basic training in ballet, modern and jazz and used to be a professional bellydancer. She also loves being involved in the community in various ways when she has the opportunity.

As a physician and mother of three, Dr. Crain fully believes that healthy beginnings and early interventions are key to the success of our children’s futures and hopes that all of the participants and this exciting event will make a difference in the lives of many of Arizona’s families.

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