Alyssa has a bubbly, fun, energy that she brings to any conversation. Her zest for life is apparent when speaking about places she’d long to travel to like Paris. She’s drawn to the beautiful culture of Paris and dreams of the day she can walk the cobblestone streets, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, and see the Eiffel Tower. She loves animals, cats, dogs and horses in particular and wishes to have three horses – named Zoro, Breeze and Swift.
She strives to be a singer or search and rescue nurse after high school. She loves to sing in choir and enjoys singing daily. Alyssa a native New Yorker, has a natural warmth about her that’s contagious. A people person she loves the connections she makes at school, and goes out of her way to meet new students and teachers.

Alyssa was born in 2003.

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