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National Teachers Day – AzCA’s Teachers

Prescott – Julie Daly was a teacher for about 30 years before joining AzCA, 29 if we want to be specific. Julie came from a family of teachers, including her Mom and all of her aunts.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Julie started teaching in Glendale in 1985-86. She moved around schools in Glendale for a couple of years then settled down in Scottsdale for the next 21 years mostly teaching 4th graders.

She retired from teaching in 2015, and looking back on it she was truly grateful for all the kids and families she met, and even has some parents she formed friendships with over all these years. After retirement, Julie got that itch to get back to work, she applied for a part-time job here at AzCA about years ago as a Parent Educator and somehow ended up as a supervisor for 3 different programs!

“I wish when I was teaching that I had known about the Parents as Teachers program and AzCA as a whole… If I had known I think I could have been more effective as a teacher because I would have known about all the services and programs. Especially the early childhood, I wasn’t as aware of the effect trauma has on kids.”

As Julie became more informed about trauma through training and work experience, she noticed how easy it was to miss signs that children had gone through and experienced some form of trauma. Looking back on teaching make her question and realize that elementary schools need training on the effects and signs of it.

“Society as a whole might not understand trauma. I feel like I’ve come full circle in understanding all the parts of making a person.”

The program Parents as Teachers program is highly recommended by Julie to young parents because it allows you to have help. Whether you’re a teacher like Julie was who has been around kids her whole life, or someone who thought they could do it all as a mom, or a single parent with no one to turn to for help, Parents as Teacher is there to help all!

What she misses most about teaching is seeing the kids get excited about learning something new. For example, Julie was a science teacher who had to teach herself about magnets and electricity before she taught the kiddos because she knew nothing about them. But the kids loved it and would dive into the experiments with their little batteries and lightbulbs ready to learn.

Nowadays at AzCA, Julie is a supervisor who meets with Parent Educators once a month across Arizona to make sure things are going well. What makes AzCA so great is all the different people who have a ton of experience to share and are excited to share it! Someone like Julie embodies what it means to be an AzCA team member.

Happy National Teachers day to all those who teach, have taught, and are in the process of becoming a teacher – from Arizona’s Children Association.

Check out our Family Educators: https://www.arizonaschildren.org/parenting-education/

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