The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Corporation, the immediate past Chair, the Chair of the Audit Committee and two (2) Board members at large approved by the Chair. It shall have responsibility to manage and oversee the business of the Board of Directors; to act on behalf of the Board in emergency situations; to review personnel policies and salary and employee benefits on a regular basis; to annually evaluate the President & Chief Executive Officer; to receive reports on all employee grievances both internally and externally. All Executive Committee actions must be fully reported at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors for their ratification.

The Executive Committee shall meet on the call of the Chair or upon the request of two (2) members of the Executive committee. Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum.

The Finance Committee shall have the responsibility to oversee all financial aspects of agency operations; to recommend an annual budget to the Board of Directors; to oversee the management of agency investments and funds; to review monthly financial statements; to educate the Board of Directors regarding fiscal and legal accountability for oversight of all programs; to monitor the insurance needs of the organization and review currently held policies on an annual basis; to receive regular financial reports from staff; to oversee all physical facilities and other properties held by the organization; and to periodically review the need for new or renovated facilities.

The Program Committee shall have the responsibility to oversee the program services of Arizona’s Children Association to receive reports pertaining to the quantity and quality of services delivered; to review needs for services for children, adults and families in the communities the agency serves and to consider proposals for new and/or expanded services from staff. The Program Committee will participate and receive reports on reaccrediting and licensing studies to ensure that the services meet or exceed the standards as set forth by the relevant accrediting bodies.

Board Governance
The Board Governance Committee shall be comprised of no less than six (6) members who are all members of the Board of Directors of the agency. The committee shall have overall responsibility for the following:

1. The presentation to the Board of Directors of the Corporation for election, a slate of nominees at the Annual meeting and officers for the coming year. Such slate, plus the slate of officers for the coming year, shall be presented to the Board of Directors for review at the Board meeting immediately preceding the Annual meeting.

2. The presentation for Board membership of candidates to fill vacated positions as they occur.

3. Annual review of the Bylaws of the Corporation and its Foundation with recommendation for amendments presented to the full Board of Directors. The Bylaws of the Corporation and its Foundation may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors present at the regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors called for the purpose provided that written notice of the proposed amendments shall have been given two weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendments are to be considered.

4. An annual analysis of board composition from the perspective of diversity and a recommendation to the Board of Directors of a recruitment plan to meet those needs contained within a rolling, three-year plan presented to the Board of Directors at the agency’s annual meeting.

5. The orientation of new board members and the continuing education of directors.

6. The bi-annual self-evaluation of the Board of Directors including the development of the evaluation tool, implementation of the evaluation, and reporting of the results to the Board of Directors.

7. The bi-annual evaluation of each board committee as to its effective functioning in fulfilling its responsibilities according to the Committee’s charter or responsibilities statement, as appropriate, and reporting the evaluation results to the Board of Directors.

8. The quarterly review of each board meeting with input from all board members in attendance.

9. Establish the criteria and qualifications of board membership and maintaining that membership.

10. Annually, review the Code of Ethics and make recommendations for enhancements, as appropriate, to the Board of Directors.

11. Other duties as assigned by the Chair of the Board.

Human Resources
It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Committee to oversee and regularly review the personnel policies and standards of conduct for program staff, consultants and volunteers, including the approval of modifications or addendums to such policies; and to oversee the training, risk management, and human resources management functions within the organization, and to report status to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

The Committee will review with management the policies and procedures with respect to officers, key employees (president and chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer) disqualified persons as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 4958, as well as expense accounts, and perks, including excess benefit transactions, and consider the results of any review of these areas by the Compensation Subcommittee of the Executive Committee.

Fundraising & Marketing
It is the responsibility of the Fundraising and Marketing Committee to work with appropriate staff to ensure that the activities of the Development and Marketing and Communications departments are congruent with the agency’s strategic plan and are optimal in terms of continuing efforts to brand the agency; and to assist in identifying and securing leveraged resources.

In addition, the Fundraising and Marketing Committee shall have the responsibility of ensuring that the strategies and plans for increasing private revenues to the agency are fulfilled and adhered to according to the agency’s strategic plan. The Committee will assist staff by finding new supporters of the agency and will facilitate approaches by staff to corporate, individual and foundation leaders for resources that will enhance the agency’s ability to provide services. Members of the Fundraising and Marketing Committee may be elected by the Board of Directors of Arizona’s Children Association to serve three-year, renewable terms on the Arizona’s Children Association Foundation Board of Trustees.

It is the responsibility of the Audit Committee to assist the Arizona’s Children Association Board of Directors in fulfilling its governance and fiduciary responsibilities. The committee will review the external audit process and results, the organization’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and with the Code of Conduct, and the effectiveness of internal controls.