Brian and Jason

Jason and Brian are two bright, inquisitive boys who like almost anything to do with cars and ATVs. They both like gadgets, video games, watching TV and listening to music. While Brian likes country, Jason   prefers alternative rock.

Jason and Brian are twins, but Jason like to point out that he is the “older” brother by two minutes!

They recently received skateboards for their 13th birthday and look forward to learning some tricks. Jason and Brian like sports, but have not been exposed to organized youth sports teams. They hope to partake in sports in the future.

Jason and Brian show excitement and enthusiasm when introduced to new activities where their creative, imaginative and active personalities can shine.

They are most successful in an environment with clear boundaries, a regular, consistent schedule and clear expectations. They would fit best with a family that is patient and persistent in helping the boys find their place in a forever home.

Jason and Brian were born in 2005.

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