The Charro Foundation Helps To Raise Readers

Arizona’s Children Association is honored to be selected to receive a grant for $5,000 to help support the Family Education and Support Services Raising-A-Reader program.

2020 marks the second year that The Charro Foundation has supported AzCA’s chapter of Raising-A-Reader. With the help of The Charro Foundation, AzCA can deliver the Raising-A-Reader curriculum to parents of children age 0-5 across Scottsdale. AzCA will also provide each family with eight children’s books that they could use to promote early literacy and support the habit of shared reading experiences between parent and child.  

We have had to modify this curriculum for the online format due to the pandemic. This means we have been delivering more book incentives to keep parents engaged and continuously reading to their kiddos. Another big part of Raising-A-Reader is creating connections with local libraries. While many of the libraries are currently closed, this element is still being incorporated into the curriculum so parents can apply it when things begin to open again.

Melanie, Program Support Specialist

Every child deserves a strong start at reading. Exposing children to reading at an early age has several advantages that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Early reading promotes brain development, greater language and listening skills, an expanded vocabulary, longer attention spans, and greater concentration. Learning to read helps to boost confidence among
children, and sets the stage for academic success and higher grades in school. Parents/caregivers are vital in helping children establish a love of reading and learning through books. Children thrive when parents are connected to their learning. Reading books aloud together helps families build a powerful and lasting bond, and strengthens the emotional connection between a child and a loved one.

Because of the Raising-A-Reader workshops, my family will better understand how to engage our child with reading and language. I know to ask more open ended questions while reading with my child, and the importance of word play throughout the day with my child.

AzCA: Raising-A-Reader Participant

Thank you to The Charro Foundation for helping AzCA’s Family Education and Support Services to better equip the children and families we see by helping them raise a reader. We are so grateful for community support like this.

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