Classes & Workshops

1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children
The 1-2-3 Magic series is a simple, easy to learn and effective program for caretakers with young children. The goals of 1-2-3 Magic include reducing children’s oppositional and disruptive behavior, improving the quality of parent-child relationships and reducing family stress.

Brain Time
Brain Time© is a fun, interactive setting where parent/caregiver and child learn together. This workshop is taught in three sessions and follows a basic library-style ‘story time’ format, and includes one-on-one time for the parent/caregiver and child. The patented Brain Box® is utilized and is offered in three age groups: birth-18 months, 19 months-36 months and 3-5 years.

Common Sense Parenting®
This 6-sessions series is a skill-based parenting program that teaches parents practical and effective ways to increase their children’s positive behaviors. Topics include:

How I Grow & Learn | Catch Me Doing Good | Teach Me What to Do | Help Me Do What’s Right | Help Me Calm Down | Putting It all Together

Early Childhood S.T.E.P (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting for children 0-5)
The Early Childhood S.T.E.P. workshop series will include learning about the intentions behind their child’s behavior and how healthy child development can influence positive behaviors. Parents will also gain skills to help communicate effectively with their child.

First Five Years™
This 4-session series will help you nurture your child with a “just right” combination of freedom and positive discipline. Participate in First Five Years™ & learn:

Child Brain Development | Prevent Tantrums & Other Challenges | Calming Techniques | Prep for School Readiness

Intro to Wired for Success®
Intro to Wired for Success® is a one-and-a-half-hour session for parents and caregivers that provides important information about how a young child’s brain ‘wires up,’ as well as practical methods for stimulating healthy early brain development for later success in school. This workshop addresses developments in neuroscience and utilizes our S.T.E.P.S.® to Early Brain Development curriculum.

Kinder Prep© A & B (also offered in Spanish)
Kinder Prep© A & B Kinder Prep A & B pre-literacy workshops focus on the skills needed for entrance into kindergarten in language and literacy; social competence and social-emotional growth; and pre-math literacy. These highly interactive sessions are for parent/caregiver and child together. This program provides practice in developing skills while focusing on inexpensive, at-home activities known to encourage brain development. Both series are three sessions each, for parents/caregivers and children 3 to 5 years old, and do not need to be attended consecutively.

Nurturing Parenting®
This 10-session series includes discussions and parent activities, with parent-child interactive opportunities. Nurturing Parenting® topics include:

Positive Parenting Skills | The Importance of Self-Care | Building Your Child’s Self Worth | Promoting Healthy Brain Development | Strategies for Effective Discipline | School Readiness

Raising a Reader®
This engaging series includes 3 workshops for parents and 8 weeks of award-winning books to read with your child at home. Participate in Raising a Reader® & learn:

How to Excite Your Child with Books & Build a Reading Routine at Home | Helpful Connections with Your Local Library |Effective Techniques to Foster Language & Early Literacy Development | How Book Sharing Promotes Healthy Brain Development

Stay & Play
This workshop includes open playtime, parent-child activities, circle time, and parenting support and education for children ages birth to five years old.


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