Congrats to our staff!

First quarter of the year is over and we have another round of winners! Arizona’s Children Association’s employees nominate two of their fellow colleagues and one supervisor whom represent exceptional qualities in the areas of passion of purpose, quality service, collaboration and respect for all. Their efforts and service prove to be invaluable to AzCA and its mission.

During the first quarter of the year, the three individuals that were nominated are as follows: Takeya Robinson, Rang Ly, and Kayla Leasure. Below are words of endearment from their nomination forms.

  • Takeya works really hard at making sure the kids that she works with get all the services that they deserve as well as what they need. Takeya works specifically with the Transitional Aged Youth in the Behavior Health. The kids love working with her and the parents are thankful for her assistance. She has assisted some clients with financial aid, finding jobs, completing resumes, and financial literacy.Recently, one of Takeya’s clients experience an extremely traumatic event, that involved losing their parents. As soon as Takeya got word she immediately called the family to see how she could support and the client asked her to just be there and she sat with the family as they processed the next steps.Takeya was asked to work with the clients and families and make sure that the clients have their needs met. Takeya has met clients at different schools for school tours and she has gone to Doctor Appointments and sat with families during their appointments for coordination of care. Families have contacted her supervisor and expressed how professional she is with the families and clients.Takeya is a very positive person and is very positive around the office. Takeya helps the office stay in a positive and healthy place. Takeya’s colleagues constantly say how on top of things she is and they feel that she is very respectful. She embodies protecting children, empowering the youth and strengthening the families.
  • I am nominating Rang Ly for Employee of the Quarter. She has continued to be an advocate for the needs of her clients without losing sight of the objectives of stakeholders, which can often cause the voice of the child to be lost. Rang has repeatedly worked well to empower clients and families to recognize their potential and reach for their goals effectively. She makes herself readily available for her clients and builds rapport quickly. Rang continues to raise MMWIA standards in her work.Rang has gone above and beyond to help me as Program Supervisor; making herself available to coordinate and cover WRAP services, groups, attend CFT’s when I could not to ensure MMWIA representation, assist in new hire interviews and new hire onboarding. Rang took it upon herself to compile a “New Hire” checklist for the department to utilize to make sure the transition for new hires is easier and more coordinated. She exhibits professionalism and sets the standard high for building relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and families. Rang has made it a point to check in with MMWIA team members to provide extra support and ensure overall quality of care is not overlooked during this most difficult time. Rang has volunteered/covered client sessions/cft’s for grieving MMWIA team members as well who needed a little more time to process our loss.Rang has been able to communicate effectively with internal team members as evidenced by her taking the time to speak with MMWIA team members (myself included) to gather information on ways the new hire onboarding process could be improved. She thinks outside the moment and works to improve all situations that arise. Rang has helped families with connecting to community resources without issue. Should she encounter an obstacle she will research and/or reach out to her AzCA teams for help.Rang has exhibited cultural awareness and sensitivity with everyone. Rang has worked with a level of integrity that naturally fosters trust, respect and most of all, personal value. Rang makes it a point to remind everyone they are important and how each staff member can and will make the difference in the lives of the children/families we serve.  Rang has continued to empower staff to “continue making a difference and make Mary proud.” Without hesitation I can state I am very proud and I believe Mary Harding would be very proud of our team as a whole, and with Rang for stepping outside her MMWIA role to be what is needed in any given moment.
  • Kayla is always at work ready to answer questions and monitor her team’s work as well, to ensure they know what they are doing and how to fill out forms properly. When Kayla is not at work, she always makes herself accessible. She explains policy in a simple way so workers have better understanding to ensure they can be successful in their work. If a worker has trouble with any of their families, Kayla will step right in to assist as needed. She also approaches her team with a nice smile and encouragement. She meets with each of her individual staff members either weekly or biweekly to review what is happening with their families. Kayla holds end of the month “parties” where you can work together with others to do end of the month paperwork, if a worker wants. There is usually a snack/ drink provided. It promotes unison and also a fun type of environment while tackling tedious paperwork. She can answer questions as they come up in the group setting or individually at that time.Kayla has always been supportive of her team and other employees. When I feel I haven’t done something that well, she will offer encouragement and always look for the positive in the situation. That to me is what respect is and it builds a level of trust. It has also helped me either directly or indirectly to do a better job by taking pride in the work done. 
    She is very accepting of any differences that an employee might have whether it is cultural or not, and take interest in it. She will show this by asking questions, offering feedback, etc. Kayla is a good listener, which makes the worker feel valued.

Each of these individuals have gone above and beyond, gaining respect and building comradery amongst their team. It is because of their dedication to our mission and fundamental work ethic that truly makes AzCA Arizona’s best resource for helping children and families.

Thank you Takeya, Rang, and Kayal and congrats!

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