David Patterson

David Larance-Patterson and his husband, Kevin Patterson, decided in the summer of 2011 that they wanted to see if building a family was possible. After researching the many options for bringing a child into their home, David was moved to work with DCS after learning of the severe need for placements. They were not married (nor was marriage legal in AZ at the time) and in a same-sex relationship, which immediately closed many doors. After attending an orientation, David and Kevin sought out Arizona’s Children Association, as they were the only agency listed who explicitly stated that they would work with same-sex couples. Flash forward 18 months later to a meeting with the Pattersons and two small girls who would eventually become their daughters. David’s fight for his family was still not through though because he and Kevin were still not married. This gave cause for David to join the marriage equality movement and litigate for his family and others who were put in jeopardy because of discriminatory marriage laws. On October 17, 2014, David, Kevin, and several other couples won the case for marriage equality in Arizona securing their family’s future. It was his Daughters and husband who inspired this fight and made it possible for more families’ security. David and family continue to advocate for the rights of same-sex parents as well as support organizations like Arizona’s Children Association that work for a better foster solution.

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