Making a Difference: One Cup & Sand Tray at a Time

We are so thankful for Dutch Bros and members of the Tucson community for volunteering earlier this month for United Way’s Days of Caring. Volunteers spent the day at our Tucson office cleaning and reorganizing our Las Familias sand room, and creating a brighter environment for children healing from trauma.

AzCA’s Las Familias specialty program, located in Pima County, specializes in the treatment of children and adults who have experienced sexual trauma in their lives. Promoting a safe environment to heal and learn coping skills to develop trusting relationships, the Las Familias program includes three important areas:

  • Children’s Program – through a combination of individual, family and group therapy, we help children establish health boundaries and learn critical coping skills
  • Adults Molested as Children Program – addresses the long term consequences of abuse and assists adults with discovering positive and health ways to trust and care for themselves and others
  • Non-Offending Parent Program – assists parents/caregivers who were unable to protect their children from sexual abuse and trauma in understanding the dynamics of sexual abuse and molestation, the behaviors of children who have been abused and safety planning            

“This is my first time volunteering with United Way Days of Caring. I was looking for a way to give back and this was the perfect opportunity to help the kids in our community. I am happy to be here!”

Community Volunteer

AzCA would like to further our gratitude to the participating Dutch Bros across the state for choosing AzCA as the beneficiary of their Buck For Kids fundraiser in September. Buck for kids raised more than $57,000 for AzCA’s children and families across the state. We are incredibly grateful and honored to have the support of Dutch Bros and their dedicated staff with their participation in the fundraiser and volunteer efforts through United Ways Days of Caring.

“Working with kids in our program can be extremely hard and very emotional work, as we help children and family members begin to heal from trauma. However, Dutch Bros may not ever know how much they make my day and lift my spirts when I stop in on my way to work. Everyone is so friendly that it really is a bright and positive start to my day.”

Maria Ortiz, AzCA Program Support Specialist

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