Elizabeth is a sweet girl who enjoys playing with dolls and dress up. Elizabeth likes to go by her nickname, Lizzie. Her favorite subjects are math and science. When she is not attending school, she likes to attend the local activity center. Lizzie is a Justin Bieber fan. Her favorite movie is The Grinch and she likes to play soccer.

Lizzie would do best in a two-parent household. She would thrive in an environment where she is provided with additional love, support, and patience. Elizabeth’s ideal family setting would be parents that are knowledgeable regarding children with special needs or that are willing to learn.

Lizzie expressed she would love a family who understands that she has a strong bond with her older brother, Casey.

Elizabeth was born in 2005.

Learn more about Elizabeth by contacting: 800.944.7611 | MeetTheKids@arizonaschildren.org

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