Elizabeth Overholt

Beth Overholt has been a trial lawyer since 1981.  For the last 11 years she has represented Arizona’s child welfare agency, the Department of Child Safety, in cases of abused or neglected children.  She describes it as “the most horrible, awful, wonderful job ever” because the facts can be horrible, the Agency can suffer from being overburdened, underfunded and understaffed, but we often achieve wonderful results for children and families.

Beth studied cello and piano and continues to perform on cello, and play blues and jazz on piano with her husband and friends, but this is her first time dancing.  She was inspired to try after seeing a friend perform in 2017.  Her music choice, God Bless the Child, by Billie Holiday as performed by Blood, Sweat and Tears, has been an inspiration for her work for many years.  The song probably refers to children getting enough to eat but Beth prefers to think it means God bless the child who’s got his own FAMILY.

Because DCS has limitations to their funding and staffing resources, there is a great need for the extra services provided by Arizona Children’s Association.  They provide behavioral health services, match children with potential adoptive parents, and support adoptive families’ needs to be successful.  The children in foster care are well-served by AzCA and why Beth chooses to support the agency.

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