Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth was born with complications due to her mother’s drug abuse. She was only given a two percent chance of survival after being born with her organs outside of her body. Although she survived these incredible odds and underwent surgery to fix her medical condition, Elizabeth and her siblings were eventually placed in foster care and under the care of their grandmother.

With her mother now in and out of her life, Elizabeth found herself heading down a similar path of drugs and alcohol as a teen. She soon found herself pregnant and because of her own addictions, her baby was born one month early and was placed into the foster care as well.

Elizabeth was given a chance to turn her life around. She agreed to participate in a program that would allow her to bring her baby home as long as there was an adult present who was clean. Once again, her grandmother was by her side. She also needed to be monitored and accept home visits from a variety of professionals. She decided to participate in home visitation through our Parents as Teachers program. Elizabeth and her parent educator began their relationship, built little by little, in an accepting atmosphere.

“I don’t know anything about babies,” she told her parent educator. “All I know is that I love her and I have every reason to stay clean.”

Elizabeth is learning from her baby every day and is experiencing the simple joys for the first time with her parent educator. Elizabeth has found a great deal of value in the Parents as Teachers program at Arizona’s Children Association. She even wishes to continue her participation after her requirements have been met.



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