A child should never be without a permanent, loving home. Unfortunately, this is the reality for more than 17,000 children and youth in Arizona’s foster care system. We’ve come together with Equality Arizona to launch a collaborative community effort called Project Jigsaw: Connecting Every Child to a Loving Family. This grassroots campaign focuses on building a diverse coalition of Arizonans working together to create an environment where all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, are provided the opportunity to build a loving family for amazing children.


Our efforts will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring all prospective parents have equal opportunity to foster and adopt.
  • Offering parents, providers, and stakeholders the resources they need to navigate the foster care and adoption process. This includes identifying agencies, lawyers and counselling services well versed in the specific needs of LGBTQ families considering fostering or adoption.
  • Sharing stories of Arizona families created by adoption and fostering, moving past the outdated and damaging stigma and stereotypes that too often prevail.
  • Advocating for the necessary policy and procedural changes in Arizona, from improved training and processes to legislative and technical policy changes.

Be it for political or policy based reasons, no child should be denied a permanent, loving home. Yet, despite some of the recent gains in equality across the nation, there are still many obstacles to connecting children with loving families here in Arizona.


Become Involved

To learn more about the campaign or how you can get involved in the effort to break down obstacles to connecting Arizona’s children with loving families, click here. Or, make a donation to help the cause!

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If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, contact your local office or email pjfosteradopt@arizonaschildren.org.