Geovianie, who also goes by Geo, is an extremely sweet boy who describes himself as funny, nice, helpful and happy.

Geo loves anything sports-related. He is an avid sports fan and a great player. Geo is extremely dedicated to sports and football is his passion. Although football is his favorite, Geo is currently on the wrestling team at school and on a community wrestling team at this time, waiting for football season to start again.  One of Geo’s dreams is to become an NFL player or join the Navy and travel all over the world. Geo’s dream destination is China! Like a typical boy his age, Geo also enjoys some video games…especially ones that involve sports. Geo plans to play baseball this upcoming spring at school.

When Geo isn’t busy playing sports, he likes to hang out and watch Netflix.

Geovianie was born in 2006.

Learn more about Geovianie by contacting: 800.944.7611 |

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