Golf for the Kids

Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) teamed up with the Yuma Investment Group (YIG) to put on the inaugural “Golf for the Kids” tournament at the Yuma Golf and Country Club the weekend of Dec. 8 and 9, 2017. Golfers from all across Yuma County polished their clubs and hit the greens over a weekend of friendly golf and competition to benefit local adoption and foster care services.

AzCA is a non-profit agency devoted to providing child welfare and behavioral health programs with offices throughout Arizona. With different services, the agency seeks to help protect and provide better healthcare services for children and families throughout the state.

AzCA reached out to YIG Wealth Advisor Thomas Rush in search of a local sponsorship for their original golf tournament from previous years. “YIG donated $5,000 to AzCA and also chipped in $2,500 in extra skins money and other prizes for the tournament,” said YIG Wealth Advisor Shawn McKeown. The tournament was selected to be played at the Yuma Golf and Country Club.

“The evening of Dec 8th was a blind draw team get-together at the Yuma Golf and Country Club where the players gathered to get to know each other for a night of camaraderie with excellent food and beverages,” McKeown said. The tournament began the following day at 8 a.m.

“The Yuma Golf and Country Club was the perfect venue for the event. The course looked great and the service provided by General Manager/Head Golf Professional John Baas and his staff was over the top. We could not be more impressed with the level of service John and his staff provided for our event and participants. Everybody had a great time, the food was outstanding and the course was in excellent condition,” McKeown said.

The tournament was broken down into 18 teams of four. The players were selected at random in a blind draw before the start of the tournament. Along the course were food and drinks for players as the competition played out.

The first place team was awarded a prize of $8,800, while the second and third place teams received prizes of $5,800 and $3,900 respectfully.

The tournament generated $12,540 in donations devoted towards local adoption and child welfare programs provided through the AzCA. “The tournament was a great success and people had a lot of fun,” Rush said. The money raised from the tournament is going to help local AzCA child welfare services within Yuma County.

“We wanted to make sure from the initial stages of planning for this tournament that the money raised and donated would remain local to help benefit our community,” McKeown said.

YIG hopes that with more support from the community they can put on a larger tournament featuring more teams and prizes next year. “If we can generate more participation for the 2018 tournament, we can increase the amount of support YIG and the tournament provides to AzCA and the local community.” McKeown said.

The tournament also opened up a great atmosphere to meet and establish new relationships. “The interesting aspect about the blind draw is the possibility to meet other participants from differing professions and establish connections. It really brings the community together for a great cause.” McKeown said.

The “Golf for the Kids” tournament is a great way to support the local community while competing for substantial team prizes. The 2018 annual “Golf for the Kids” tournament will take place November 30th and December 1st, 2018 at the Yuma Golf and Country Club.




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