Heather Patty, a California native, has always felt like a dancer in her heart but never had the courage or opportunity to really DO it! That all changed when her friend and leadership coach, Eileen Rogers (last year’s top dancer and fundraiser), mentioned that the planning for this year’s Benefit was starting. After watching the video of Eileen and Billy’s dazzling performance, and being quite aware of the Arizona’s foster child crisis, Heather was in.

If you hadn’t guessed already, Heather is not a risk-taker. In fact, helping others avoid and minimize risk is her profession as a Certified Risk Manager. Heather is the Director of Risk Management for DMB Associates, Inc., a small, private real estate developer that creates fantastic communities for people to live. She’s been a part of DMB’s Legal Department for 12 exciting years. Heather holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from UNLV, which has been useful in her corporate work life and in inspiring people to think about what could go wrong… before it does.

When Heather isn’t at work, she is having a ball with her husband, John, and two rascal daughters, Mia and Sonja. She loves being a mom. Heather’s only goal in raising her daughters is that they grow up to be happy and kind people, and her primary method in accomplishing this is leading by example. Their house is full of rescue animals (two dogs, Koko and Cheena, and a cat, Toru), maps of the world, and pictures of their friends and family to remind them that life is not just about them.

When Heather isn’t working or parenting, she loves to practice yoga, read, and travel to new places. She is also passionate about helping children. For the last two years Heather has been involved in raising money for foster children in Arizona. Heather plans on continuing this work, plus expanding her giving by volunteering her time in whatever capacity is needed.

So this Benefit was the perfect springboard into Heather’s internal call for action! She and Billy have been in action since JANUARY, training for this dance performance to make sure that it reaches last year’s high bar of excellence. Heather is so excited to be participating in this year’s event and helping to bring awareness to Arizona’s foster child crisis. She would be forever grateful if you would sponsor her by buying a table or ticket to the Benefit. If you can’t attend, please buy as many votes as you’d like and she will send you a video of her and Billy’s Cha Cha!

Support Heather by purchasing your sponsorship, People’s Choice Votes and/or tickets below to attend our brunch event on December 3, 2016. If you aren’t able to attend, you can still support her by purchasing votes for her to win the People’s Choice Award!

Please help me raise funds for children!

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