Jason is a funny kid with quite a sense of humor.  He likes to crack jokes and make people laugh.

Jason’s favorite subject in school is math. He excels in math and it comes easy to him.  Jason is proud to have an A in math class at this time.  He hopes to get enrolled in a culinary arts class in the near future and enjoys cooking.  Jason dreams of being a chef when he grows up.

Like most boys his age, Jason loves video games.  He also likes going to the YMCA, being around animals (especially reptiles and horses), spending time outside riding his bike and reading.

If Jason was given three wishes, he would wish for a forever family, the ability to build a magical homeless shelter and have an infinite amount of money.

Jason was born in 2004.

Learn more about Jason by contacting: 800.944.7611 | MeetTheKids@arizonaschildren.org

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