Jess and Tony

Meet Jess and Tony from Foster Arizona on Vimeo.

Jess and Tony are siblings that are looking for their forever home together. Jess is a hilarious girl that loves to play games and watch the cooking network. She enjoys school, completing puzzles, and playing her matching game. While hanging out with Jess you are sure to laugh and have a smile on your face.

Tony can seem a little shy when meeting someone new, but you’ll learn quickly that he is an outgoing teenager. He loves video games and spending time with his many close friends. Tony likes to play sports and be outdoors when it isn’t too hot. He is an excellent big brother to Jess and likes to make time to play games with her.

Jess and Tony would do great in any family that has experience in handling some medical or develop-mental needs and of course a family who will love them both unconditionally.

Jess was born in 2006 and Tony was born in 2004.

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