Joebert is an intelligent, creative and imaginative boy who truly wants to find his forever family. Joebert is friendly and can be social yet takes some time to warm up and trust others. Joebert enjoys videos games, Minecraft, Pokémon, Bendy and other cartoons. He loves hip-hop, dub-step and dance music. He loves funny YouTube videos and has a great sense of humor.

Joebert also enjoys being active, and likes playing soccer, football and swimming. Joebert hopes for a family that enjoys going out to do things together and also sometimes staying home to relax. He would also like a family that lets him play with his friends. He would like a family that supports him in continuing contact with his sister.

Joebert wants to be adopted and is open to any family as long as they are “nice.” Due to having some challenges with caregivers who were not consistent in the past, his team and current caregiver feel he would do best in a family with a strong, consistent parent/parents, lots of structure and nurturing. A family that is knowledgeable of trauma-informed care and is experienced in empowering children to come out of their shells, to build trust and to help them learn to express themselves would be a great fit for Joebert. Joebert is quite resilient as he still has a lot of hope to find a family where he can truly belong.

Joebert was born in 2007.

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