Kappa Delta Gives Back

The Northern Arizona University (NAU) chapter of Kappa Delta (KD) has supported Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) for 7 years, beginning in 2016. Since then, Kappa Delta has raised nearly $90,000 to support AzCA’s children and families across Northern Arizona!

Kappa Delta’s national philanthropic efforts are focused on supporting Prevent Child Abuse in America (PCAA), which they have since 1981. Locally, the chapter has supported AzCA by helping us in their community to protect children, empower youth, and strengthen families.

“Theta Kappa of Kappa Delta has focused our efforts on preventing child abuse in order to build stronger communities and inspire confidence in children. We believe it is important to strengthen families in our own community through Arizona’s Children Association. The issue of child abuse is one that is so difficult to talk about, but it needs to be talked about. We hope to continue to raise awareness in our community, and on our campus, by having these hard conversations. We want to be advocates for victims of child abuse, while simultaneously providing a safe space for our sisters who can relate to this philanthropy. Our goal is to put an end to child abuse, and the first step starts with us.”

Kappa Delta sororities across America participate in “Shamrock Events” to help raise money for PCAA and their local philanthropies. Throughout the year Kappa Delta has helped raise money for Arizona’s Children Association with these events:

Hankerin’ Percentage Night 

The chapter held a restaurant give-back night with a local favorite restaurant, Hankerin’ Tacos. The night was extremely successful, and Hankerin’ sold out on food and had to close early!

“I really enjoyed our percentage night at Hankerin’ Tacos. It was great to be able to support a local Flagstaff business, while also raising funds to support families in our community. The amazing tacos didn’t hurt either!”

Homerun Derby in the Snow

Kappa Delta hosted a home run derby in the middle of a blizzard! Teams made up of different Greek fraternities and sororities split up to compete in harsh weather for PCAA and AzCA! With pitchers tossing baseballs, teams lined up and tried to see who could hit the most home runs.

The homerun derby we held in a blizzard was my favorite fundraiser! Although it was freezing, it was fun to be able to make signs and cheer on all of the individuals hitting baseballs. Seeing everyone in the Greek community come out to support AzCA with this event even though it was snowing was my favorite part!”

Pinwheels for Prevention

During all these spring events, Kappa Delta was selling pinwheels for prevention. The pinwheel is recognized as the national symbol for child abuse. They help spread playfulness, and joy, and they turn us all back into kids when we see one!

“My favorite fundraiser this year was Pinwheels for Prevention when we sold over 1,000 pinwheels on our campus! This was a great way to not only raise money for AzCA, but also have conversations with our peers about how the organization is working to advocate for children in our community. It was really special to see the pinwheels around our campus!”

Texas Roadhouse Dine to Donate

The most recent event to close out the year was a give-back event with Texas Roadhouse, where 10% of all sales during lunch and dinner were donated back to AzCA and PCAA!

Theta Kappa has been lucky to have such an amazing partner, Daniel Leavitt, during our time working with AzCA. Daniel is not only knowledgeable of the strides AzCA is making in the Flagstaff community, but also is extremely helpful in letting us know the best ways we can support the organization and all of the families that are a part of it. Daniel has connected our members with many opportunities within AzCA and has provided valuable resources to our chapter. We have loved working with AzCA and Daniel!

Kappa Delta will be hosting a similar event next spring semester, so be sure to follow us closely as we will promote their Shamrock Event next year!

Thank you, Kappa Delta, for your continued support of Arizona’s Children Association’s children and families!

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