Marquell is the brightest kid you will find! He thrives on his intelligence and ability to memorize cool science facts. He loves learning new things and he does so with ease. Marquell has an innovative and creative mind and teaches other people what he learns. He is very interested in science and history; he can tell you all about the tallest mountains, not only in the world but in the whole galaxy! Marquell loves cars and fast vehicles, so he knows all about the fastest jets, cars, and boats. Marquell has a passion for rocket ships and his dream is to create the fastest vehicle ever made.

Marquell would do great in a family that recognizes his intelligence and bonds with him by taking him to places like museums and aquariums. Along with his unique and gifted mind, Marquell is also amazingly polite and sweet. He has such a kind personality and has the best laugh! He is so well-rounded and unique; a family with a big heart would absolutely love this special child.

Marquell was born in 2010.

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