New kicks for Summer

Goodyear – Last Sunday, May 21st, the Ticket to Dream Foundation teamed up with Famous Footwear to provide 52 children in foster care with shoes for the summer! During the event, each child received their choice of any shoe, a pack of socks, and two new toys to take home! The event was so much fun for the children and their families. It was incredible to see the excitement on their faces!

Here is what some of the parents had to say:

Thank you Famous Footwear! You make at-risk youth feel special and give them access to things that they typically wouldn’t get. These events are so important, and recognizing that you are not just helping a child physically but emotionally as well, is key!”

Shoes on display at Famous Footwear

This type of event is so important for these kids because it makes them feel seen and special.”

Staff at Famous Footwear

“His feet are growing so fast, it’s so hard keeping him in quality shoes that support his active lifestyle.”

One of the kids with their new shoes

It’s really special for kids in care to receive new items and have a choice in the kind of items they receive.”

Some of the gifts and toys the kids were given

“Thank you so very much. This helps our kids by fitting in with their peers and feeling good.”

Shoes given away

Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) has been partnering with the Ticket to Dream Foundation for more than 7 years. In total, they have contributed more than $86,500 and countless items to AzCA! Their partners, like Famous Footwear, have provided a number of opportunities and resources for AzCA’s children in care, all in an effort to provide normal childhood experiences for these vulnerable youth. Items such as swimwear, socks, shoes, cosmetics, gift cards for graduates, funding for extracurricular activities, baby supplies, and much more, have been made possible thanks to their support!

Famous footwear started partnering with Ticket to Dream more than two years ago, and have reached more than 3,000 kids through customer donations at their registers. Next time you shop at Famous Footwear, be sure to ROUND-UP your purchase in support of these efforts – your generosity makes all the difference!

Kids leaving with their goodies

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