NMT Completed over 1,000 Assessments and are currently open for referrals

In May of 2017, Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA), began the 14 month training on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT). By 2018, NMT trained Assessors began working within the agency and the community to provide NMT assessments across the state.   

What is NMT?

NMT is an evidence-based, holistic, “trauma-informed,” and brain based approach to clinical problem solving. Developed by Dr. Bruce Perry, AzCA works in partnership with The Neurosequential Network to provide assessments and treatment planning. That means that our kids get individualized care based on their specific experiences and needs.

Unhealthy and difficult behaviors such as acting out, aggression, self-harm, struggles with regulating emotions and sleep disturbances have brain development challenges that can be addressed with in the NMT program. The NMT was designed to identify experiences that may have affected a child’s developing brain based on adverse events. Currently the NMT program serves children from birth to 17.99 years of age.

The Future of NMT at AzCA

As of October 2020, our NMT team has completed over 1,050 assessments to children all across the state of Arizona and we currently have 14 clinicians in Phase I training with a hope to have 20 Assessors by April 2021.

We currently have Zoe Flippen, NMT Clinical Supervisor and two other NMT Phase I Assessors completing Phase II Train the Trainer and Melissa Torrez, NMT Clinical Supervisor, whom is in Phase III mentorship training. With these individuals trained, AzCA will have the opportunity to offer this training to clinician’s throughout the agency.

“Our plan for the future is to train as many AZCA clinician’s as possible to utilize the NMT Assessment and help drive the most appropriate services for your clients and their families”

Zoe Flippen, NMT Clinical Supervisor

The NMT helps to provide a carefully planned strategy with the goal of hyper individualized care that is more tangible and involved. For consultation, training or potential fees associated with NMT, please contact us at 602.319.6771 or NMT@arizonaschildren.org. You can also contact Zoe directly at 480.815.3638 or Melissa at 480.215.4845.

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