Our Amazing Staff

Four times a year, Arizona’s Children Association’s employees nominate two of their fellow colleagues and one supervisor whom represent exceptional qualities in the areas of passion, purpose, quality service, collaboration and respect for all. Their efforts and service prove to be invaluable to AzCA and its mission.  During the second quarter of the year, the three individuals that were nominated are as follows: Vickie Kersch, Rita George-Sanchez, and Michelle Rodriguez. Below are words of endearment from their nomination forms.

  • Vickie has kind words for everyone and always asks how others are. She has a sympathetic ear and really listens to what others have to say: 

    Vickie comes to work every day with a smile on her face and love in her heart for all of her clients and coworkers. She is always cheerful and volunteers to do so much more than she has to. What I love about Vickie is that no matter how much work she has to do she is always happy to do it and you can tell that she loves making a difference for the children she works with. She has driven across the state to make sure that a client receives services that are needed and is always on the go.


  • Rita brings a life of experiences to the table as a Supervisor, Teacher, Grandmother, business owner and DCS worker. She is able to relate to staff and supervisors on not only a professional level, but as a personal level. Rita A.K.A. the office HERO she insisted and took a colleague who was complaining of heavy chest feeling to the hospital. Rita is looked upon as a leader and is respected by all in the AzCA office. 

    Examples of her quality of service: recently a family whose child is severely asthmatic, Rita assisted the family by coordinating efforts with external resources to have the carpet removed and wood/laminate flooring put into the home. Another example, another family had children reunified after being in their home 18 months, Rita provided counseling resources to assist with their grief journey. Rita ensures her foster families have the necessary tools for the children in care and will bring diapers, toys, school supplies to her kinship and community foster families. She attends adoption hearings and provides congratulation gifts to her families.


  • Michelle is kind, patient, open-minded, and overall very accepting and admiring of everyone around her. Michelle takes time to educate herself about diverse cultures, situations, people, and many other things. Michelle performs in a way that has earned for her trust, respect, and collectedness. She radiates kindness and compassion and that spreads to everyone she comes into contact with. 

    Michelle has gone above and beyond to support her team. Michelle is warm kind, while still being knowledgeable and firm. She goes out of her way to make new staff feel welcomed and supported. She takes time to get to know each of her staff members and learns their learning and performing habits in order to cater to their needs.Since Michelle took over as a supervisor about a year ago, and even before doing so, she was and has been a constant support for the entire Pinal County Meet Me Where I am department. Michelle has endured early mornings and late nights to ensure her team is supported, safe, and effective. Michelle is always patient and works hard to educate, lead, and support her team as much as possible. Michelle speaks out to advocate for her team and does an amazing job at teaching others to advocate for themselves as well. Michelle is widely admired and loved for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to the Meet Me Where I Am program and to Arizona’s Children.

Each of these individuals have gone above and beyond, gaining respect and building comradery amongst their team. It is because of their dedication to our mission and fundamental work ethic that truly makes AzCA Arizona’s best resource for helping children and families. Thank you Vickie, Rita, and Michelle for your service and congratulations on being nominated employees of the quarter and supervisor of the second quarter, respectfully!



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