Our Amazing Staff!

It’s that time again! Arizona’s Children Association’s employees nominate two of their fellow colleagues and one supervisor whom represent exceptional qualities in the areas of passion of purpose, quality service, collaboration and respect for all. Their efforts and service prove to be invaluable to AzCA and its mission.  During the final quarter of the year, the three individuals that were nominated are as follows: Janet Gracia, Mario Sandoval, and Paula Joseph. Below are words of endearment from their nomination forms.


  • Janet comes in early almost every day, she works long hours, running from clients to clients. She makes sure CFT’s are done, paperwork is up to date as much as possible, she works long hours into the night and makes sure she’s available for families through a crisis situation or any other situation.She is very supportive in the workplace environment, always brainstorming how to make things better, bouncing ideas around on how to improve the morale in AZCA, how to support her fellow coworkers and how to practice self-care for herself and her fellow employees.Janet does not share information regarding clients unless it’s on a need to know basis. She’s on top of staffing’s and getting information to clients in a timely manner. She works with multiple community resources to make sure the family’s needs get met every time and if she is unable to meet with one, she will find another one to meet with in order to make sure the family is taken care of.Janet is very culturally sensitive to any and all families. She has always held the utmost respect for her clients, their living situations, life choices, their environment, there is never judgment passed, just the barriers that are presented and how to work with the family to work through the boundaries. I’ve gone to Janet many times when I am stuck on a case and no one else was there to bounce ideas off, and she is always available.


  • Mario is doing incredible work with families in Pinal County. He is very talented at building trusting relationships with families. He is very direct with families and supports them to make necessary changes. I’m so impressed with the support that he offers the families and the success that he has had. Many case managers have bragged about the success that he has had with moving cases for forward and making a great deal of progress. He is so supportive of his team and takes every opportunity to help out his teammates to improve their skills as well. He also has such an amazing positive attitude. He has a great approach to building relationships with families. He outlines his role as well as the family’s role in treatment. He sets clear boundaries and expectations. He is great building rapport by listening and asking open ended questions that get families talking about their interests. He has superior listening skills. He is so likeable and has a glowing personality. His team and agency staff love working with him. He is always willing to lend an hand and helps out colleagues whenever possible. He has really gone above and beyond to help his teammates to be successful.Mario is very sensitive of the culture of others. He has first-hand experience, since he immigrated to the US himself and had to learn the culture here. Since, he has experience multiple cultures, he has had to be very aware of cultural norms. He is bi-lingual and works exceptionally well with our Spanish speaking families. 
  • Paula is truly willing to help the mission of Arizona’s Children Association by modeling supervisory skills the same way we teach parenting skills. She empowers those below her to make positive choices, and always praises our efforts. She seems to truly trust our abilities. She is the best supervisor I have ever had because she expresses specific positive feedback, and motivates us to do our best by being so darn likeable, and in tune with the AzCA mission.Paula is always very approachable. We work in different regions, but she always expresses her general and specific availability to me, and makes an effort to bridge the regions and meet up in person often as well as through distant communications. She always checks in about our personal lives (with appropriate boundaries) before getting down to business. Her willingness to help us succeed includes an ongoing suggestiveness find resources within or outside of the team, and to keep up the good work, and solving any presenting problem.She does this effortlessly, acknowledging challenges with various populations, being solution-focused.

Each of these individuals have gone above and beyond, gaining respect and building comradery amongst their team. It is because of their dedication to our mission and fundamental work ethic that truly makes AzCA Arizona’s best resource for helping children and families.


Thank you Janet, Mario, and Paula for your service and congratulations on being nominated employees of the quarter and supervisor of the fourth quarter, respectfully!  

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