Our Services

How we help.

Arizona’s Children Association is the best resource for helping children, youth and families in the state. Our professionally trained, caring and dedicated staff provides a broad spectrum of services that help create and sustain a healthy family environment:

Foster Care & Adoption

Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) is the largest foster care provider in the state! We train and support foster care families who can open their hearts and homes to vulnerable children while their biological families are on the mend. We also collaborate with adoption placing agencies to provide a variety of adoption related services for those seeking to adopt privately and from the foster care system. Click here to learn more.

Behavioral Health & Trauma/Crisis Response

We assist individuals and families in heightening social-emotional well-being and guiding those that have been impacted by trauma and abuse through the healing process. We provide individuals and families with a safe place to change circumstances, gain strength, learn coping skills, and develop productive relationships. Click here to learn more.

Family Preservation & Reunification

We offer DES-referred services to assist families in crisis, by applying intensive intervention strategies to promote safety, health and overall well-being in order to strengthen families and reduce trauma and out-of-home removals. Furthermore, when out-of-home removals cannot be avoided, these programs assist in working towards family reunification by developing realistic long term solutions. Click here to learn more. For non-DES family support services, please see “Behavioral Health & Trauma/Crisis Response” above.

Kinship Services

Families who are raising their relative’s children are given the necessary support and assistance that will allow them to navigate the unique challenges that they may encounter while raising their relative children. Click here to learn more.

Parenting Education

Research indicates that the early years are crucial to laying the foundation for children’s life success. From classes for parents of newborns to workshops on early infant brain development, our programs help new and experienced parents and caregivers prepare their children for a successful future. Click here to learn more.

Transitional & Support Services

Our support services and mentor programs are designed to aid foster care youth in their transition into independence and assist them in gaining the skills for self-sufficiency. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.

How you can help us.

Your support will help a child take his or her first step toward a safe and loving family environment. Visit www.arizonaschildren.org/donate to make a donation or contact the office nearest you to discover a variety of ways to get involved.