Overcoming Adversity: One Family’s Story

Joline and her wife, Jeordorie, have been together for 14 years—half of that time has been spent with AzCA! They received their foster care license in 2015 and adopted their first son after years of fostering him.

As a same-sex couple, Joline and Jeordorie Green had been turned away from other licensing agencies before finding AzCA. AzCA was eager to accept them and started the licensing process right away. Joline and Jeordorie are amazing parents and the perfect examples of what AzCA stands for, and why we are one of the few foster and adoption organizations in the state to recruit and train same-sex couples to foster and adopt.

The Green family has also adopted the younger sister of their son, who you may have read about recently. They have fostered other siblings in the past and still have amazing relationships with them—inviting them over for sleepovers and gathering together on Thanksgiving. They currently have three other children in their care, with plans to adopt one more into their family!

The family loves spending time together. They have a camping trip coming up which is super exciting because they haven’t been able to go since before COVID-19. Along with camping, they also love to swim and will spend tons of time this summer out in the pool!

We asked Joline why she and her wife continue to foster, along with being adoptive parents, and she had this to say:

“I do it for the kids. I mean they deserve it, they deserve a good home. Even if it’s only for a short time they’re in our care. The two we have right now, they go to California and Vegas with us. They have gone whale and dolphin watching and it’s an experience they’ll never forget.”

Susan Markle, the family’s foster care and adoption specialist, has been with the family for seven years.

“The Green family are an awesome family that has always communicated well, responded quickly and has stayed on top of the all their requirements for licensing,” said Markle. “They have been good team members working well with AzCA, DCS, and the many therapists and others involved with the many foster children in their home over the years. They have helped in the reunification of three separate sibling groups and remained in contact with the biological parents. I have been truly been blessed to have these women on my caseload!”

Joline has built a close relationship with Susan, who has been working with the family since 2015. This is what Joline had to say about Susan:

“She is amazing. I’ve told her if she ever quits AzCA I’m done, I am closing my license.”

AzCA trains and supports families, just like the Green’s, who are willing to open their hearts and homes for children in need of a safe, stable and loving home. At AzCA, we value diversity – diversity of our staff and foster/adoptive families who can support and relate to our unique children and families to better meet their needs. We strive to provide culturally sensitive services to children, youth, and families regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, age or physical limitations – ANYONE can truly make a difference, and AzCA is there to support you along your journey!

“Every time we went to the hospital, they sent someone to sit with us or be with us in the waiting room,” said Joline.

If you or someone you know is interested in fostering or adopting, please contact fosteradopt@arizonaschildren.org.

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