Parenting Education

Research indicates that the early years are crucial to laying the foundation for children’s life success. From classes for parents of newborns to workshops on early infant brain development, our programs help new and experienced parents and caregivers prepare their children for a successful future.

Support for our parenting education programs is provided by a grant from First Things First.



The Parent Connection Program

The Parent Connection program is a unique family resource dedicated to the optimal development of every child from birth to adolescence through a partnership with their parents. Through workshops, a variety of classes, and popular play-based parenting groups, we cover a full range of age and stage development from birth to age 18, as well as provide some great tools for being a responsive parent.

Our program is dedicated to helping children grow into caring, capable adults through a partnership with parents based on support and education and designed to build on family strengths. The Parent Connection fills a unique niche in Pima County by providing an opportunity for any parent or caregiver to gain knowledge about their child’s development, enhance their parenting skills, and exchange experiences and perspectives with other parents.

The Parent Connection is open to any and all families. For more information, please contact us at 520.321.1500 or


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Our New Directions Institute for Early Childhood Brain Development (NDI) program shares important information about brain development to help parents and caregivers take advantage of the critically important window of opportunity that occurs in early childhood. We conduct workshops in the community teaching caregivers how to promote healthy brain development and provide training tools and products to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers to develop a healthy brain and enter school ready to learn. Free workshops are offered around the state for parents and caregivers.

Studies show that the human capacity to develop and change is greatest from birth to five years old when the brain is most malleable and able to change in response to education and stimulation. However, public investment in education is lowest in early childhood, creating a mismatch between the investments made and the opportunity for improvement. As a result, there is a demand for expensive remedial programs to address learning and behavior problems in later years when change is far more difficult to achieve.
Our science-based information explains exactly how and why the earliest years (from birth to five) play such a critical role in future learning abilities and aims to inspire both leaders and the general population to make better choices for young children. We are an expert on early learning and consulted by organizations in Arizona and across the States.

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Our Parents as Teachers program is an internationally recognized, strengths based and evidence-based parenting education and support program. Parents as Teachers is a home visitation program designed to help new and experienced parents from pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten. Research indicates that the early years are crucial to laying the foundation for children’s life successes. We believe that parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers.

The core services of Parents as Teachers are:
•Personalized Home Visits—Our Parent Educators provide age-appropriate child development information, support a safe and healthy environment, establish and assess measurable goals, and facilitate interaction between parents and children as a positive parenting teaching tool.

•Group Connections—We provide opportunities for families to connect with other parents, gain support, share information, and allow children to interact and socialize with their peers.

•Screenings—We screen for early identification of developmental delays, health, vision and hearing problems. These screenings also include Family Strengths Assessments and Goal Planning.

•Networking—Our Parent Educators help families identify and connect with needed resources to ensure that families receive comprehensive services.