Community Developmental Screenings

Do you have a child between 2 months & 5 years old?
Do you want to know how well your child is developing?
Do you have any concerns about possible delays?

 Did you know that 90% of the child’s brain is developed by age five?

Take advantage of our FREE screenings to give your child the best start. When children meet developmental milestones, they enter Kindergarten ready to learn!

Developmental screenings during your child’s early years helps you to:

  • Learn more about how your child develops
  • Make sure your child is on track
  • Identify problems or concerns as early as possible

Our developmental screenings utilize the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3), a tool for parents which helps highlight the growth in your child, as well connect to early intervention services and community resources. ASQ-3’s five key focus areas are:

Fine Motor Skills | Gross Motor Skills |  Communication Skills  |  Problem-Solving Skills  |  Personal — Social Skills


If you would like to have your child screened, please complete the following form.
We will contact you within 72 hours.