Taking a Trauma Informed Approach on Services

At Arizona’s Children, we utilize industry best practices that are focused on increasing the success of the children and families we serve. Recently, many of our staff began training on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) led by Dr. Bruce Perry, Founder and Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy. This model provides an evidence based approach that is neurologically based, holistic in nature, developmentally sensitive, and trauma informed. That means that our kids get the best individualized care possible based on their specific experiences and needs.

We started our training in May of 2017 and have begun implementing the NMT model of assessment across all of our programs and services.  This approach will expand the impact of NMT across the state to ensure that our families’ needs are being met and their supports are developmentally appropriate. AzCA will be an NMT certified agency within the next year, with plans to become a lead NMT site within the next three years.

Mark Shen, our Chief Clinical Services Officer stated, “NMT introduces a breakthrough in clinical assessment. Implementing NMT will allow care providers to be more knowledgeable and the children and families whom we serve to reach their goals in a trauma informed and developmentally sensitive manner. NMT also encourages support and collaboration with the providers and families to ensure that treatment success is maximized.”

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