Taking Action for Children in Foster Care

Each day a dozen children come into the foster care system in Arizona. Often times, these children leave their homes without any of their belongings or daily essentials. Items like a cherished teddy bear that helps a child sleep at night or pictures from their first birthday may get left behind and a child is forced to move on with just the memories of what was.

When a child does have the rare opportunity to grab some belongings to bring with them as they journey on the path of uncertainty into foster care, they aren’t always equipped with suitcases or backpacks; kids are leaving home with bags – trash bags. We can only imagine the feeling of placing our beloved items in to a plastic bag.

Arizona’s Children Association believes that our children deserve much more than this! Our agency has created “Just For Me” bags for children in our foster homes so they have something to call their own. Inside these bags are personal care items, blankets, journals, and stuffed animals. With the combined efforts of American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) and ABC15 News, our agency is now able to give 720 children “Just for Me” bags as they come into the homes of our licensed foster families. While it may not replace their feelings of loss, AzCA hopes that the bags will help the healing process and provide some normalcy during the time children are in care.

To learn more about our combined efforts and recent “Taking Action for Foster Kids” campaign, visit AFW online to view their recent blog entry.

Thank you to American Furniture Warehouse and ABC15 Arizona for making a difference in the lives of children in care!


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