Timothy, who goes by Tim, has dreams of having his own Youtube channel or gaming show and wants to reach 1000 subscribers! He is interested in learning about media production, especially to help produce his Youtube channel.

Tim isn’t a big TV watcher so he keeps himself busy by playing Uno, Monopoly, spending time with friends or going for a swim. He also enjoys playing video games and his favorites are Minecraft and World Blocks.
Tim’s favorite food is Wendy’s French fries. He says they are the best! He also loves cheeseburgers from McDonalds. Tim dreams of going to Disneyland one day. If he doesn’t get to Disneyland, he hopes to visit the Grand Canyon or Flagstaff when it snows.

Tim was born in 2004.

Learn more about Tim by contacting: 800.944.7611 | MeetTheKids@arizonaschildren.org

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