The Parent Connection

The Parent Connection, a program of Arizona’s Children Association, is a unique family resource dedicated to the optimal development of every child from birth to adolescence through a partnership with their parents. Research indicates that the early years are crucial to laying the foundation for children’s life success.

The Parent Connection program is dedicated to helping children grow into caring, capable adults through a partnership with parents based on support and education and designed to build on family strengths. The Parent Connection provides a safe and stimulating environment for building relationships… parents with children – parents with other parents – parents with trained and qualified parent educator resources. With The Parent Connection, it is no longer necessary to meet the challenges of parenting alone.

The Parent Connection fills a unique niche in Pima County and in a growing number of communities throughout Arizona by providing an opportunity for any parent or caregiver to gain knowledge about their child’s development, enhance their parenting skills, and exchange experiences and perspectives with other parents.

Our programs support the optimal development of every child in partnership with parents. Our educators are highly skilled and experienced, holding degrees in family focused studies. They are certified to facilitate a wide variety of curriculum-based classes. We offer workshops, parenting classes, support groups, and play-based parenting groups to cover the full range of age and stage development in children from birth to 18, as well as some great tools for being a responsive parent.




The services offered at The Parent Connection are invaluable to promoting the well-being and resiliency of families in our community. The Parent Connection embraces Adlerian based parenting, promoting consistent, positive, democratic parenting techniques based on mutual respect between parent and child, and promoting choices and consequences as an alternative to rewards and punishment.

At The Parent Connection you can choose and combine programs and activities from several formats. These include play-based parenting groups, parenting classes, new parent support groups, home visits, as well as a menu of specialty workshops that address specific parenting issues. The diversity of our program formats offers parents a way to learn about this very important job in ways that are most comfortable and helpful.

Play-based Parenting Groups

Children learn about their world through play. Let us show you how you can learn about your child’s physical, social/emotional, lan­guage, and brain development through those same play activities, and how you can use them to promote your child’s optimal growth.

Baby & Me

Most parents can use a little support and information after the birth of a child. Your baby was born to explore and learn. Baby & Me offers free weekly groups where you can learn how to apply the latest information on early brain development through playful inter­action with your baby. Share the joys and challenges of parenting an infant with others in a relaxed and fun environment.

Parenting Classes

As children grow and learn, so do parents. There are many proven techniques that can make the parent-child relationship stronger. A variety of classes designed to address parenting from birth through the teen years can give you tools to help make parenting a little smoother. These include Bringing Up Baby, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP), How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen, Calming the Family Storm and others.

Parents as Teachers

This family support program provides parents with information on child development prenatally through the preschool years. PAT introduces parent-child activities that encourage optimal develop­ment and can be a guide to community resources. Activities take place during regularly scheduled visits.

In Addition: A menu of speciality classes that include: Newborn Baby Care, Baby Sign Language, Parent CPR & Safety, One-on-One Parent Coaching, and more!


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Parent / Child Activities

Parenting Classes

Stay & Play

The Parent Connection is open to any and all families who would like to participate in and learn from activities that will promote their child’s optimal growth and development. For more information, contact our office.


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