Meet Our Panel of Experts


Lisa Blyth, MA, LPC

First Things First Director, Yavapai Regional Partnership Council

Lisa started her career as a child and family therapist 24 years ago working with adolescents in residential care and then specifically with foster children and their families. Early in her career she was introduced to the work of Bruce Perry, Daniel Seigel and Holly Van Gulden where her interest in early child development, brain development and the importance of healthy attachment laid a foundation for an ever growing commitment to promoting the health and safety of young children. Lisa has worked in non-profit and for-profit settings in the capacity of therapist, consultant, parent educator, administrator, trainer and early childhood advocate. Now at First Things First, she is happy to direct her personal and professional passions to support the work in ensuring that children arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed.

Tammy Westerson

Level 1 Instructor Kindergarten
Willow Creek Charter School

Mrs. Westerson received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and holds teaching certificates in Texas, Tennessee and Arizona. This is her 9th year teaching Kindergarten and has taught 1st and 2nd grade, too. She has district school experience in addition to public charter school experience. When asked what she enjoys most about working with children this age, she always replies, “the light bulb moment.” That moment when a child understands a math concept, can sound out letters to spell words, or realizes that they are actually reading on their own, and the light bulb goes on over their heads. You get these moments with students of all ages, but in Kindergarten you get them daily. It’s the best feeling in the world!

Sarah Schuler

Kindergarten Teacher
Taylor Kicks Elementary School

Sarah loves teaching young students and seeks to create an engaging learning environment within her classroom. Kindergarten students within Prescott Unified School District are served through whole group instruction, small group practice and interventions, and plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. Miss Schuler believes that students should be exposed to many instructional methods so as to appeal to varying learning styles. She works to bring fun and excitement into her students’ understanding of what school looks like during these formative years!


Sherrie Gifford, MA

Program Manager, Little Learners
High Country Early Intervention

Sherrie Gifford has 17 years of experience in early childhood and more than 40 years working with children and families. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and has raised children with special needs.


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