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Free resources and services to help you reach your full potential as a parent. We’re here to help!


  • Pregnant or parenting young adults age 16-20
  • Must be involved in our Young Adult Services program
  • Current or former foster care involvement


  • A youth support specialist will assist you with your parenting goals
  • Life Skills: communication, personal identity, personal finance, healthy relationships
  • Employment: applications, resume building, career readiness
  • Education: admissions, financial aid, resources, goal setting
  • Housing: resources, tenant rights
  • Health & Wellness: mental health resources, health insurance, labor & delivery education
  • Parenting: finding safe caregivers, developmental milestones, healthy attachments
  • Having a mentor is more than seeing someone every 2 weeks. It's a friend. Whenever you feel alone or sad you can always talk to them. When I started the mentoring program I thought it was going to be more rules to tell me what to do. It's not like that though; the mentoring program is fun, helpful, and provides someone I can count on. It's more than a program to me. It's two people becoming friends.

    Jasmine, Program Participant
  • I have been focused on helping youth throughout my career. But, there is something special here, with the one-on-one support and the passion of the team. As a teen youth who struggled, it was the people around me that helped me succeed and create a new life. I see this program as offering that to youth. I jumped in to help, and am so excited about the program being offered.

    Sasha, Professor, ASU
  • I became a navigator because I wanted to help others have the resources that I didn't. Just because I became a young parent, didn't mean I wished for anything different than any other young person. In fact, I do this because I want to help other teen parents have what they need.

    Kelley, Outreach Coordinator
  • It is so important to have people who care about me, not judge me. It makes it so much easier to try.

    Parent Member, Phoenix, Arizona