Behavioral Health

Our strength-based services assist individuals and families in heightening social-emotional well-being and guiding those that have been impacted by trauma and abuse through the healing process. Our programs provide support and intervention for children and their families to address current needs and strengthen the family unit.


Trauma Specialty Services

Our Trauma Specialty Services are for children and adults who have experienced sexual trauma in their lives. In addition to general trauma services, under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant, we provide services to individuals and their families who are victims of sexual abuse, with or without insurance or with private insurance, at no cost to the individual.

Our trained trauma clinicians:

    • Specialize in working with adults and children who have experienced sexual trauma
    • Utilize evidence based, individual therapy practices
      • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
      • Sand-Tray Therapy
      • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
      • Neurosequential Model of Therapy (NMT)
      • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
      • Heartmath-Biofeedback Therapy
    • Assist individuals and families to promote healing, strength, and trust
    • Provide services for adults, adolescents, children, and families with no insurance or private insurance


Las Familias

Our Las Familias program is the only one in Pima County that specializes exclusively in the treatment of individuals and their families who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. We provide a safe place for survivors to gain strength, learn coping skills and develop trusting, caring relationships. We recognize that sexual abuse treatment is not just for the survivor, but for the entire family. This practice promotes healing, strength, trust, and the essential elements of a new beginning.

Our services vary by location and include:

      • The Children’s Program utilizes a combination of individual, family, and group therapies and psychoeducation to establish healthy boundaries and learn critical coping skills.
      • The Adults Molested as Children Program addresses the long-term consequences of abuse and how it negatively impacts every aspect of the victims’ life. Adult treatment discovers positive and healthy ways to trust and care about themselves and others.
      • The Non-Offending Parent Program assists parents and caregivers who were unable to protect their children from sexual abuse and trauma in understanding the dynamics of sexual abuse and molestation, the behaviors of children who have been abused, and safety planning.


If you are interested in learning more about these services, please contact us today!

MARICOPA COUNTY  |  |  602.234.3733 ext. 2673

PIMA COUNTY  | |  520.327.7122 ext. 1965

If you are inquiring about trauma services in other parts of the state, please contact your local office.

Outpatient Services

We provide a wide continuum of behavioral health services to children and families through contracts with Regional Behavioral Health Authorities. Our services utilize the Child and Family Team (CFT) process, and incorporate the principles from the Arizona Vision. Our outpatient services are designed to be a short term intervention that can assist in developing the skills and supports needed to increase independence and resiliency.

Outpatient Services vary geographically, but generally include:
  • Intake Assessments
  • Case Management
  • Individual, Group, and Family Counselling
  • Respite
  • Skills Training
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Family Support Services
  • Behavioral Management Services
  • Parenting Support/Training
  • School Support
  • Birth-5 services
  • Trauma services and support
  • Psychiatric services

Additional services offered:

The Skills Training and Respite (STAR) Program offers a variety of behavioral health services to support youth in Mohave and Coconino Counties. Services aim to reduce caregiver stress and build skills and resiliency in youth.

The STAR program offers a variety of recreational and experiential learning opportunities for youth, which are tailored to individual needs and interests. Programs and services include Daytime Respite Care, Skills Training Groups, and Individual Skills Training. If a child is between the ages of 5 and 18, and enrolled in a Behavioral Health Home or Integrated Health home contracted with Health Choice Integrated Care, they may be eligible for a referral to STAR services. For more information, contact us today at 928.527.1000 for Flagstaff and at 928.680.4458 for the Mohave area.

Meet Me Where I Am (MMWIA) is a unique service for families in Flagstaff and surrounding areas. The main goal of the MMWIA program is to help children and their families develop the skills they need to be successful.

MMWIA is focused on helping families function successfully over the long term so that when our services end, positive changes continue. If a child is between the ages of 5 and 18, and enrolled in a Behavioral Health Home or Integrated Health home contracted with Health Choice Integrated Care, they may be eligible for a referral to MMWIA services. For more information, contact us today at 928.527.1000.

Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs)
Arizona’s Children Association is a provider for the following regional behavioral health authorities:

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (MMIC) (Maricopa County)
Customer Service: 602.586.1841
Toll Free:1.800.564.5465
Hearing Impaired TTY/TDD: 711
Health Choice Integrated Care (HCIC) (Apache, Coconino, Gila, Mohave, Navajo & Yavapai Counties)
Customer Service: 1.800.640.2123
For hearing impaired, please use the Arizona Relay Service at 711 or 800.367.8939, or find internet assistance at

Accessing Services

To enroll in our services, please contact your nearest office. The intake process will vary depending on your geographical area within Arizona. Your initial meeting will be comprised of information gathering, discussion of the Child and Family Team and determining what services and next steps are appropriate for your family. The initial meeting will typically take 1-2 hours, after which you will leave with a follow up appointment, assigned case manager and/or a referral for services.

AzCA addresses the individual communication needs of persons and families served by making every effort to provide bilingual personnel for major consumer groups and/or translators for language needs. In addition, accommodations for those who are deaf and hearing impaired or those who’s special needs make it difficult for them to make their service needs known. We are happy to arrange interpretation services in the family’s preferred language both in person and via text by phone. Telecommunications Relay Services can be obtained at no charge by dialing 711 and then 800.944.7611 or the local AzCA office.


Trips for Kids

Our Trips for Kids program allows youth to learn and practice many life skills through mountain biking, including self-care, healthy recreation, bike mechanics, trail etiquette, and environmental stewardship.

“Trips for Kids Arizona’s Children” is based in Flagstaff, Arizona, and offers mountain biking opportunities for youth enrolled in the STAR Program. The STAR Program provides skills training services for youth involved with the Behavioral Health system in order to improve their emotional and behavioral functioning. Through mountain biking, STAR youth are able to learn and practice many life skills including self-care, healthy recreation, bike mechanics, trail etiquette, and environmental stewardship. Mountain biking also provides the opportunity for STAR youth to engage in healthy risk-taking; by overcoming fears and challenges faced on the trail, STAR youth can gain confidence and improve self-esteem.

Trips for Kids Arizona’s Children Association is a member of Trips for Kids® International, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Marin County, California. Founded in 1988 and now operating in over 80 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Israel, Trips for Kids (TFK®) International has opened the world of cycling to over 100,000 at-risk youth through guided mountain bike rides and job training/earn-a-bike programs. All TFK chapters, modeled on the foundation of the original TFK Marin program, are managed and operated independently at the local level but share a common goal. Their mission is to use bicycles as a vehicle for lessons in confidence building, achievement, health, fitness and environmental awareness through the development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun.

We would not be able to do the work we do without the generous support of our Trips for Kids International Sponsors and are proud to be working in partnership with these companies. Please join us in saying thank you by patronizing their business whenever possible. trip


Services are available for children and some adults who are Title XIX and AHCCCS eligible. Services vary by region and contract. Contact the office nearest you for more information.