In Arizona, there are more than 160,000 children living in homes headed by grandparents or other relatives. Our programs help support these very special families and their potential to provide a positive alternative to traditional foster care.

    Research indicates that children in kinship care experience greater stability than those in traditional foster care. Kinship caregivers provide love and support in a familiar setting, allowing children to remain connected with their families and communities. They are able to live with people they know and trust, thereby reinforcing their sense of cultural identity and well-being.

    If you are raising grandchildren, nieces or nephews, cousins, or a child under 18 not born to you, our Arizona Kinship Support Services can help.


    Our services vary by location and include:
    • Information and resource referrals (Statewide)
    • Topical education related to kinship care (Phoenix & Tucson)
    • Help in completing guardianship packets to help caregivers register children for school and apply for medical services (Phoenix & Tucson)
    • Legal resource information (Phoenix & Tucson)
    • Assistance for families wishing to become guardians or adoptive parents through the juvenile court (Tucson)
    • Support groups (Tucson)
    • Help in completing benefit applications such as TANF, AHCCCS and Kids Care (Phoenix & Tucson)
    • Advocacy for caregivers and children in school, court systems, health care and mental health agencies, benefits programs, DCS, etc. (Phoenix & Tucson)

    Looking for services or want to learn more?
    Call us today or complete the CONTACT US form for services statewide.

    Kinship Support Services – 480.748.9269
    Kinship Support Services (Tucson) – 520.318.4882

    Watch some of our kinship caregiver testimonials on YouTube:
    Shawn & Amanda  |  Jessie  |  Christina  |  Rosa  |  Brenda

    To learn more about advocacy efforts, visit the Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors website.

    Research and information on the outcomes of AzCA’s Kinship Services & Supports Program

    The following documents outline the latest research and information on AzCA’s kinship navigation services:

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    Funded through the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau, Grant HHS-2015-ACF-ACYF-CF-1008.

    Services in Tucson are partially funded under contract with Pima Counsel on Aging as part of the Older American Act Program.

    Special thanks to the Diaper Bank for their support of our KARE Centers.