Gifts of Hope – Staff Referrals


Please note that this page is for AzCA staff only. This link should not be shared with clients or anyone else outside of the agency. Staff must complete the following referral for their clients. All other “Gifts of Hope” inquiries should be directed to Thanks!


Before completing the form below, please review the 2023 Staff Process document for important qualifying information, details about what may be requested, and staff fundraising forms. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Prioritize families with young children. Referrals are for youth under age 18, unless they are clients of our Young Adult Services. Do not refer parents/caregivers.
  • Do not submit referrals with requests for expensive items such as bikes, game systems, tablets/laptops, phones, and guitars. Requests for gifts should not exceed a $50 value.
  • Submit referrals with general wishes based on the child’s interests in order to best match them with items from various toy drives.
  • Please avoid requesting gift cards. If you must request a gift card, please do not submit more than one gift card request per child.




Clients referred on time receive top priority and will be guaranteed gifts. The only exception for late referrals will be for new clients following the cut-off who are in need of gifts for the holidays. Late referrals must be submitted to Bethany Hart at Any new clients and late submissions will be considered if we have donors or items remaining.

The following referral form will automatically close at 5pm on October 20th.