Bikes for Everyone with Bob’s Free Bikes

July 13, 2021 | News

Bob and his volunteers at Bob’s Free Bikes understand the importance of having a bike as a child. Bob’s Free Bikes says “Our goal is to help as many children as possible in the greater Phoenix area. That’s why we partner with established nonprofits in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area that are already assisting families.” Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) is incredibly grateful to partner with Bob’s Free Bikes to provide our children and families with the amazing opportunity of having a bike to call their own.

Whether the bike is a way to get outdoors and explore, or a means of transportation, bikes can have a lasting impact on the children and youth we serve. One of our young adults who received a bike, was in shock and couldn’t believe the bike was really for him: “Wait. Really, this is my bike?” and “I seriously got a bike?”

He is one of the many youth who have received one of Bob’s Bikes:

“Thank you Arizona’s Children Association and Bob’s Free Bikes for providing us with this opportunitiy. They were so excited that they wanted to leave the house to ride it immediately! However, I was able to negotiate a time tomorrow for them to go explore. Thank you all for the time and efforts shared to make this experience for them so wonderful!” – AzCA Foster Family

Community partnerships, like this one, allow AzCA to connect our children and families to the communities in which they live, as well as expand their support system. Without these partnerships, AzCA would not be able to provide additional resources and opportunities for our children and youth. A huge thank you to Bob’s Free Bikes and their amazing volunteers for their crucial efforts and essential support throughout the community.

If you would like to help support the more than 40,000 children and families all across Arizona that AzCA serves, check out our current fundraising campaigns, like our Life’s a Puzzle fundraiser! This puzzle fundraiser is a visual representation of other individuals and community resources uniting to bring families together… one puzzle at a time.